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This adorable Pocket Dragon figurine, titled "Late Bloomer," depicts a whimsical dragon taking a nap inside a fuchsia flower. Created by Real Musgrave in 2004, this handmade resin figurine is perfect for collectors or as a charming addition to any home decor. The intricate details, from the dragon's scales to the flower petals, make this a truly unique piece suitable for all occasions. Measuring 6.75cm in length and 3.5cm in height, this small figurine is unboxed and features a red and green colour palette. The dragon's humorous expression and the flower's intricate pattern add to the figurine's charm. This piece is part of the Pocket Dragons collection and is suitable for teenagers, adults, and children alike. Add some whimsy to your home with this delightful Pocket Dragon figurine.



6 Cm Tall

Rare Pocket Dragon Late Bloomer Real musgrave Unboxed

SKU: C2D3/Eb/Es/281123
Out of Stock
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